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Disclaimer Gomibo

  1. In this disclaimer the following definition boundaries apply:
    • the web page: every page of the website on which the publisher includes a link to this disclaimer with the intention for this disclaimer to apply;
    • the publisher: MobielWerkt B.V.;
    • use/using: consulting the cited and the actions that arise from that;
    • you: the natural person or legal entity you represent;
    • the content: texts, images, or other information;
    • damage: direct or indirect damage of any kind;

  2. The points mentioned below apply to the web page. By using the web page you agree to this disclaimer;

  3. The publisher contributes to the developments of the page on a regular basis. It is possible that the contents are incorrect or incomplete despite this effort. 

  4. The publisher delivers the content of the web page in its current state on an experimental basis and is meant for private use.

  5. The publisher is not liable for damage that is caused or threatens to be caused and is in any way connected to apparent errors or typing errors that are displayed on the web page.

  6. The publisher is allowed to change or terminate the website as it sees fit and at any moment, with or without information either in advance or afterwards. The publisher is not liable for the consequences of this termination or change.

  7. The publisher is not liable for connected files of third parties. Links to files of third parties do not constitute confirmation.

  8. The publisher reserves the right to deny you access to the web page. The publisher can also monitor the (access to the) web page.

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